Careful Focus Pro

Getting Started

MLA File

The first step in creating a CFP File is having your show documented in Moving Light Assistant (tm). In the MLA Documentation tab, have all your presets and channels documented. Some formatting things to look out for in MLA:

  • Remove all entries that are not presets like groups or pallets.
  • Ensure there are no duplicate ID numbers.
  • Priorities will be transfered to CFP by number. (1-High, 6-Low)
  • Only the first photo will be used in CFP.
  • The cue field will be used to associate the preset to a show cue in CFP.
  • If you'd like to view cue photos in CFP, please document them in MLA.
  • Make sure you save your MLA file before creating a CFP file. (MyGreatShow.mla)

CFP File

Once you have a properly formatted MLA file, you can create your CFP file. Here's the procedure to do so:

  • Make sure your MLA file is saved. (MyGreatShow.mla)
  • In CFP, select New Show Document... from the File menu.
  • Change the Show Cue List if it's not 1.
  • Click New Document.
    • Select your MLA file. (MyGreatShow.mla)
    • Now choose a location and name for your new CFP File. (MyGreatShow.cfp)
  • Be patient while the application creates your new CFP file.

Once finished, you'll be presented with an unlock code. Include this code while purchasing CFP and it will be exchanged for an unlock key that will permanently unlock the file. To enter the key, simply open the CFP file.

The user guide can be accessed from the Help Menu of an unlocked file.


If you have questions, feel free to get in touch with your contact information and I'll do my best to help!